Key Care Transportation


715-532-3727 | 119 E 4th St N, Ladysmith, WI 54848

About Us

Key Care is a non emergency transport company. We have eight vans equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps. The wheelchairs are secured inside with four tie-down straps and a seatbelt. You do not need to be in a wheelchair to ride with us. We can take you to your medical appointments, shopping, family gatherings or for a home visit on the holiday. Prices will vary, so please contact us for a price quote.

Key Care has four types of vehicle available:

Mini Van

We have several mini vans with ramp widths from 29.5 inches up to 32 inches.  Three of our mini vans are able to transport two wheelchairs at once.


Full Size Vans

We have several full size vans with lift widths from 31 inches up to 34 inches. The vans with the widest lifts are able to accommodate wheelchairs up to 1000 pounds. This vehicle can transport two wheelchairs at once. Running boards or step stools are available in each van to facilitate easy entry for those that can walk.


Walker Van

We have one conversion van that we use to transport people who can walk. This van has a step stool to facilitate easy entry.


We have one small bus. This vehicle has a lift of 34 inches and can lift wheelchairs up to 850 pounds. The interior of the bus has seating for 14 people who can walk or transfer to seats and spots for three wheelchairs.


Key Care has provided lift van transportation for two of our clients. We have always had excellent service and excellent drivers!! Joe does a fabulous job of scheduling and has always been able to accommodate us, even on short notice and in urgent situations. Keep up the excellent service you provide!
Ronda Parker, Facility Owner, Ladysmith

I think all of the Key Care drivers are very punctual, considerate, polite and very attentive to ones needs. Good conversation and fun to talk to. Keep up the great job! Thank you.
Denise M. Kareiva, Radison

My grandmother is very pleased with Key Care and the drivers. They all have been very friendly and have caring hearts.
Kitty Frank-Abel, Ladysmith

Friendly, accommodating and timely.
Jim Zastrow, Gilman

Dear Key Care,
Since my second & third rides with you, I have been made to feel like I am every bit royalty!! I Love your Drivers!!!… A truly wonderful team of individuals inside & out of Key Care. I have had my life changed/saved on numerous occasions due to a drivers willingness to go an extra distance ie: sharing a drivers lunch or making sure I get into my home safely. …when there was a need, there always has & always been a Key Care team member waiting & willing to give aid!
Curtis G. Pfister, Chippewa Falls